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The essential tools for cake decoration with dried roses

09 May 2023

Cake decorating is an art that takes time, patience and the right tools. Dried roses are one of the most beautiful ingredients to use in cake decoration. They give your cake a romantic and elegant look. However, before you get started with dried rose cake decorating, make sure you have the right tools.

Dried roses for cake decoration

Dried roses are a great ingredient for cake decorating. They come in a variety of colors and sizes and can be used to create a variety of designs. Here are some tips to keep in mind when using dried roses for cake decorations.

The most important tools

In order to conjure up a cake decoration with dried roses, you need the following tools.

scissors or pliers

To handle the dried roses, you need scissors or pliers. The scissors are particularly useful if you want to trim the roses or shorten the stems. With pliers you can carefully bend the roses and bring them into the desired shape.


You will need glue to attach the roses to the cake. Edible glue, which you can buy in specialist shops or online, is particularly suitable here. Make sure the glue is clear and tasteless.

Paint brush

You will need a brush to spread the glue on the cake. It is best to use a small, fine brush with which you can apply the adhesive precisely. Make sure the brush is clean and dry before using it.

plate or bowl

To prepare the roses, you will need a plate or bowl. Here you can lay the roses carefully and mold them into the desired shape. Make sure the plate or bowl is clean and dry before placing the roses on it.

cake topping knife

You will need a cake topping knife to cut and flatten the cake. With this you can cut the cake into the desired shape and smooth the surface. Make sure the knife is sharp and clean before using it.

Tips and Tricks

So that your cake decoration with dried roses is perfect, we have a few tips and tricks for you.

Only use edible roses

Make sure that you only use edible roses for the cake decoration. There are many varieties of roses suitable for use in the kitchen. Don't use roses that have been treated with pesticides or other chemicals, as these can be harmful to your health. The roses from ROSIE ROSE are without pesticides or other chemicals and can be eaten without any problems.

Thoroughly clean the roses

Before you put the roses on the cake, you should clean them thoroughly. Remove any dust and dirt particles that have accumulated during the drying process. To do this, you can gently wipe the roses with a brush or a clean cloth.

Spread the glue evenly

Make sure you spread the glue evenly on the cake. Too much glue can leave unsightly stains and make the cake inedible. It is therefore better to spread the glue in thin layers and let it dry well before you put the roses on it.

Work with tweezers

You can use tweezers to place the roses precisely on the cake. With a pair of tweezers you can carefully grab the roses and put them in the desired position. Make sure the tweezers are clean and dry before using them.

Decorate the cake just before serving

To prevent the roses from wilting or spoiling, decorate the cake just before serving. If the cake sits for a long time, the moisture from the roses can make the cake soggy and inedible.

You only need a few tools for a beautiful cake decoration with dried roses. A pair of scissors or tongs, glue, a brush, a plate or bowl, and a cake topping knife will get you very far. It is also important that you only use edible roses and clean them thoroughly. With our tips and tricks, your cake decoration with dried roses is guaranteed to be an eye-catcher at every party! You can find more tips in this blog.

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