Who are we?

At ROSIE ROSE you will find a fantastic selection of high-quality edible flowers and toppings to brighten up your dishes!

Our motto is “ The eye eats with us ”.

We are proud to have set the trend in all sectors where food and drink are involved and people long for enjoyment. Our commitment to quality and innovation has made us a pioneer in the industry.

With ROSIE ROSE we guarantee that you will be remembered by your customers for the long term!

Why we?

Each individual flower is lovingly processed by hand by us in Germany to ensure that they are of the highest quality . We take the time to filter each flower multiple times to remove impurities - this is an important step that sets our flowers apart!

You can also be sure that our flowers are free of dyes and pesticides ! And the best thing is that all of our flowers have a shelf life of 3 years .

Your advantages

✅ Attractive purchasing prices
✅ No minimum order quantity
✅ Highest possible quality on the market
✅ Easy ordering via the website
Simplified re-order option
✅ Delivery Worldwide
Access to special offers
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Gastronomy & catering

Would you like to offer your guests an exclusive presentation and stay in their minds for a long time? At ROSIE ROSE A diverse range of products awaits you with an impressive selection of edible flowers and toppings. The trend for edible flowers is constantly growing, and you can be among the first to give your customers a charming smile.

Application examples

Gastronomy & Catering

What sets us apart? The outstanding quality on the market! Each of our flowers is carefully filtered and checked by hand to ensure only the best comes to the table. The shelf life of our products is an impressive three years, meaning you always have fresh, high quality ingredients on hand. And the best part? Our unbeatable price-performance ratio guarantees you the best quality for your money.

ROSIE ROSE stands for maximum naturalness. We therefore work with regional food laboratories to offer our customers maximum safety. Our products are 100% edible and free of any additives.

Our edible flowers are not only growing in popularity in the hotel industry, but also in catering, where their versatility is appreciated. True magic can be created with just a few hand movements and a small dosage.

The uncomplicated online ordering makes it easy for you to purchase our products. With an order value of just €50 you can benefit from our high-quality products.

Make the difference in your hotel or catering service and surprise your guests with unique edible flowers and toppings. Rely on quality, variety and excellent customer service with ROSIE ROSE