Who are we?

At ROSIE ROSE you will find a fantastic selection of high-quality edible flowers and toppings to brighten up your dishes!

Our motto is “ The eye eats with us ”.

We are proud to have set the trend in all sectors where food and drink are involved and people long for enjoyment. Our commitment to quality and innovation has made us a pioneer in the industry.

With ROSIE ROSE we guarantee that you will be remembered by your customers for the long term!

Why we?

Each individual flower is lovingly processed by hand by us in Germany to ensure that they are of the highest quality . We take the time to filter each flower multiple times to remove impurities - this is an important step that sets our flowers apart!

You can also be sure that our flowers are free of dyes and pesticides ! And the best thing is that all of our flowers have a shelf life of 3 years .

Your advantages

✅ Attractive purchasing prices
✅ No minimum order quantity
✅ Highest possible quality on the market
✅ Easy ordering via the website
Simplified re-order option
✅ Delivery Worldwide
Access to special offers
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Retail & Resellers

Welcome to the ROSIE ROSE sales network – your source for exclusive edible dried flowers & toppings!

Take a look at our premium products that not only bring a touch of elegance to your shelves, but also yours will delight customers. As a leading brand in this emerging Market segment we are constantly gaining popularity and attracting more and more people who value quality, aesthetics and lifestyle.

Application examples

Retail & Resellers

As a retailer or reseller, you can be part of this success by adding ROSIE ROSE products to your range. Benefit from excellent purchasing prices, a long and safe shelf life of up to 3 years and a brand that is continuously developing and growing in the market.

Our products are perfect for customers who enjoy baking, cooking or simply want to add a touch of sophistication to their food and drinks. Be a pioneer in your market segment and offer your customers the best of the best. The uncomplicated online ordering allows you to purchase our products conveniently. We deliver your order very quickly for orders worth just €50.

Join our network today and benefit from the numerous advantages that a partnership with ROSIE ROSE offers. We look forward to working with you and achieving success together.

Become part of the ROSIE ROSE success story – your customers will thank you!