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Planting Cornflowers: A Guide to Blooming Achievements

10 May 2023

Cornflowers are a beautiful addition to any garden or balcony. With their bright blue flowers, they add color to nature and are also an important food source for bees and other insects. But how to successfully grow and care for cornflowers? This guide provides all the information needed to successfully plant and care for cornflowers.

site selection

Choosing the right location is crucial to success when growing cornflowers. Here are some important factors to consider:

  • Sun Exposure: Cornflowers need a lot of sunlight to grow and bloom. A sunny location is therefore ideal.
  • Soil Condition: Cornflowers do best in well-drained soil. If the soil is too firm or too loamy, the roots of the plants can rot.
  • Humidity: Cornflowers need water regularly, but waterlogging should be avoided at all costs.

prepare ground

Before planting begins, the soil should be prepared well. Here are some steps you should follow:

  • Remove weeds and stones from the ground.
  • Loosen the soil with a hoe or garden tool.
  • Add compost or fertilizer to improve the nutrients in the soil.


Once the soil is prepared, planting can begin. Here are the steps you should follow:

  • Make a small hole in the ground with a spade or shovel.
  • Put the cornflower plant inside and cover the roots with soil.
  • Press the soil down lightly to ensure the plant is stable.
  • Water the plant with enough water.


Regular grooming is necessary to ensure cornflowers stay healthy and grow well.

Here are some important aspects of grooming:

  • Watering: Cornflowers need regular watering. Make sure the soil stays evenly moist but doesn't get too wet.
  • Fertilization: Cornflowers should be fertilized regularly during the growing season to ensure an optimal supply of nutrients.
  • Mulching: Mulching the soil around plants helps retain moisture and reduces weed growth.
  • Pest Control: Cornflowers can be attacked by pests such as aphids and snails. Use eco-friendly methods like beneficial insects or commercial pesticides to solve the problem.

frequently asked Questions

When is the best time to plant cornflowers?

The best time to plant cornflowers is in spring or autumn.

Do cornflowers need a lot of care?

Cornflowers require regular care, but they are relatively easy to care for and do not require special skills.

How often should cornflowers be fertilized?

Cornflowers should be fertilized every 2-3 weeks during the growing season.

Cornflowers are a beautiful and useful addition to any garden or balcony. With the tips in this guide, growing and caring for cornflowers successfully should be easy. Don't forget that regular maintenance is necessary to ensure plants stay healthy and grow well. With a little patience and care, you will soon be able to enjoy a blooming oasis. Follow this guide and plant your own cornflowers for a successful and thriving outcome.

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